Teenagers Arrested on Felony Battery Charges From School Bus Incident That Knocks Out Fellow Student

Two Winter Haven teens have been charged with Felony Battery after attacking a student on a school bus, knocking him unconscious.

On 5-12-14 at approximately 1:48 p.m., a bus carrying students from Don E. Woods Opportunity School to Winter Haven High School was stopped at the intersection of 4th St. and Ave. K, SE in Winter Haven. Fifteen year-old Armani Dorsey (2625 Ave. C, SW, Winter Haven) was seated near the front of the bus next to the window, two seats behind the driver. Dorsey was resting his head along the window, looking outside.

At the same time, fifteen year-old Christopher Dawayne Lewis (1700 2nd St., NW, Winter Haven) was standing in the isle approximately one row behind Dorsey. Lewis told two other passengers who were in the direct vicinity that he was going to strike Dorsey and they should get their cell phones ready to record the incident. At the same time, 14 year-old Jo’Terious Lee Denmark (1542 Roselawn St., SW, Winter Haven) was standing in the front row seats directly opposite of the driver.

As Dorsey was sitting quietly looking out the window, Lewis licked the palm of his hand twice and reached over the seat slapping Dorsey on the face. Dorsey immediately stood up and faced towards the back of the bus in Lewis’ direction to see who hit him. As soon as Dorsey stood up, Denmark walked over the isle, reaching across the seat and punched Dorsey in the face causing him to fall and lose consciousness. Both Lewis and Denmark immediately exited the bus and ran from the area.

An attendant on the bus, who was sitting in the front seat directly behind the driver and in front of Dorsey, immediately took action to render aid to Dorsey along with another fellow student.  Polk County Fire Rescue paramedics were called and Dorsey was taken off the bus unconscious. Medical workers were able to awaken Dorsey and it appears he suffered no long-term effects from being knocked out. No other students were hurt during the incident.

Winter Haven Detectives were able to identify the attackers and on 5-13-14 both Lewis and Denmark were brought to the Winter Haven Police Department and charged in the attack.  Both Lewis and Denmark, who are associated with a gang, claim the attack was in retaliation to a previous incident involving Dorsey.

 Lewis, who is currently on a diversion program through the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) for a Battery conviction in March of this year, was charged with Felony Battery.  Denmark, who is currently on probation for Battery, had been banned from riding any school transportation by the Polk County School Board for the remainder of the school year due to a fight he was involved in back in November 2013. Because Denmark had been banned from riding the bus, he was charged with Occupied Conveyance Burglary with Battery along with Felony Battery and Violation of Probation.

Both Lewis and Denmark were booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center.



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